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Hedge Trimming and Pruning Frankston

Keeping your hedges and bushes nicely trimmed can be a task that is easily overlooked. Consistent hedging and pruning is important for the long term health and wellbeing of your hedges, shrubs and trees. With Lawn Mowing Frankston, we can do all of this for you and ensure that we do everything right down to the finest detail.

We have the knowledge and techniques to ensure that all vegetation is cut and trimmed to a healthy size. Cutting too short can damage the growth of the hedge or shrub, so we always ensure everything is cut at the correct length and style for the plant. We also can help with small and large trees that are intrusive, and collect a professional opinion on how to take care of trees, in case they may need to be cut down.

We ensure to use the right tools for hedging and pruning your plants. From small hand held clippers, to large trimmers (depending on size), we have the right equipment for the right job. We’ll always make sure to clean up and take away excess clippings for you, so that your garden environment is looking clean and fresh.

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