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Garden care and maintenance is one thing that is easy to not pay attention to, particularly when we are tight for time. The thought of trimming those overgrown bushes and branches is always something that is easily pushed back for “next week’s job”. If you feel like you’re in the same boat, then we at Lawn Mowing Frankston will give you the thumbs up that we’ll be able to take care of these things for you with ease and enjoyment.

We have plenty of experience in garden care and maintenance to understand all kinds of jobs that may be required for a property. We’ll always present a unique and tailored solution to match your garden, as each garden and client will always have a particular style of what they would like. We’re confident that we’ll have the knowledge and expertise to be able to handle anything you and your garden will require.

Some of the tasks that we can help with, are:

  • Fertilising – we’ll take a look at the type of soil that you have and apply the right treatment for your garden so that your lawn and plants, will have the right nutrients.
  • Weed and pest removal – we know that weeds and pests are difficult and time consuming to get rid of. Leave it up to us to handle this for you, as we’ll have the right tools and techniques to rid your garden of uninvited guests.
  • Lawn restoration and repair – If your lawn is need of some TLC, we’ve got you covered. If you have some rough or dead patches, we can help fix that for you and provide you the best ways to take care of this so it’s looking perfect in no time!
  • Irrigation – We’re able to install these clever watering systems so that your garden receives an efficient supply of water. We’ll know which system will be best to use. We also can help repair and fix existing systems that are installed.
  • Mulching – A vastly underrated ingredient to any garden, mulching helps provide not only visual appeal, but also has a practical use for water retention. We can help source your mulch material and install for you. It also helps in improving fertility and health of your soil while also reducing weed growth in your garden bed.
  • Pruning and hedging – If you have untidy hedges and trees, we can take care of this for you and help shape and tidy your bushes and trees up! 

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